Yard Sales: How To Make It Worth Your Time

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The thrill of the chase, the cups of early morning coffee, the haggling…there is nothing quite like hosting or visiting a local yard sale. Not only is this a favorite pastime of my own, but it’s also a great way to get some quick cash and free up some living space.

I used to want to have a yard sale every day when I was a little kid, before I understood the basic rule of the weekend. I would run through the house looking for knick knacks and anything my grandmother would let me put a price tag on. I would pull out these old, rickety tables from a shed in the backyard all by myself and put some sheets over them to look like a table cloth. I would get about $20 in change from my grandpa and sit out at those tables all day – probably only selling anything because I was a 12 year old girl that visitors took pity on.

But I had so much fun and still love to host yard sales! Every time I ask my husband about having one though, I can see him groan a little inside. It is a lot of work, and as we have grown older it has become even more important for us to make it worth the Saturday mornings we give up.

To help make it a little easier on ourselves we’ve developed some great strategies to maximize our time and try to make a little more money – and I am sharing this today! Be sure to check out the end of the post to download some free printables to use at your next sale.

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The Best, Easiest Summer Dessert

I love to entertain! A few Sundays ago we had some of our friends over, and I wanted to make sure our dinner was delicious (and not too expensive). Naturally, I turned to Pinterest to see what I could find..and I hit the jackpot.

Along with a scrumptious salmon recipe that will change the way I eat salmon, I found an amazing dessert that didn’t break the bank and left our friends wanting more. Really, I should have made 3 of these.

Introducing my new go-to dessert: Blueberry Peach Tart


To read the original recipe please visit Baker By Nature.

I did one thing different than the recipe and that was not peeling the peaches. I didn’t read that part so it was an accident – but it turned out great! The glaze is also to-die-for (and I have never made a glaze before).


My price for the tart is as follows (everything is rounded to the nearest dollar):

2 peaches – $4

1 contained of blueberries – $4

1 box of pastry sheets (2/box) – $4

Total: $16

This recipes calls for much more such as powdered sugar, vanilla, heavy cream, etc..however I already had the others items on hand so I do not include those in my pricing. Everything was about 3.25-3.75 respectively, with the peaches being the most expensive. If I had known, I would probably have planned that better by watching some store ads to get those cheaper.


After the tart was made, we continued to nibble on the blueberries for a while making those well worth it. Packed them in our lunches and they were a great side item.

Enjoy, and make some summer memories for it’s time for Fall!



Unique Disney Packing Tips

We’ve got 4 days left until we leave and I’ve got the “travel bug”! Over the next couple of days I will be cleaning, getting some items to bring in the car, and starting to pack our suitcase.

We will be driving to Disney, so we will have a little more extra room than someone who is flying. Here are some tips that I will be using to get ready for our trip. This is not an all inclusive list of what to bring with you, but just some fun items to keep the boredom at bay and to make your trip easier.

Feel free to comment with your own and let me know how they have worked.


  1. Collapsible Laundry Bags – These are fairly cheap ($1 – $4) and can be found at a variety of stores (Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc). Use these in your hotel room for dirty laundry and it will be much easier to pack up when it is time to leave. You will also already have all of your laundry sorted for when you are back home.
  2. Zip lock Bags – These are also inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways. Use them for the following options: makeup, lotions, wet clothing, to separate items in your purses or bags, and snacks! Don’t forget some yummy treats to eat during your drive or flight – and you can save money by bringing your own snacks to the parks. The meals and stands at the parks are delicious, but they can eat up your budget really quickly.
  3. Spandex – This can vary person to person, but spandex or a thin, fitted undergarment can save you from hours of discomfort! You will be doing a lot of walking and the worst thing that can happen is you get some chafing burns. Along with this, you can bring a variety of ointments to help. I have heard of people using Vaseline, deodorant and even baby powder to help with any chafing.
  4. Scented Spray – No one likes stinky hotel rooms or bathrooms! Bring a can of your favorite Febreze or other sprays and you will save your nose. This can also create a relaxing atmosphere in your room and make it feel more like home.
  5. Glow Sticks – Save some more money by bringing your own Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces! These are very pricey at the parks, but everyone loves to have them at the parades. Your kids and family will not mind having them brought from home, and your wallet will thank you too!

These are just some easy and fairly inexpensive items to help make your Disney trip easier  – maximum fun!