I’ve got some serious spring fever over here! Spring is probably my favorite season (even though Fall will always melt my heart) – flowers everywhere, little leaves popping up, and being able to enjoy the sunshine is just amazing.

This year I changed our porch colors to Blue, Yellow & Green and I love the way it pops. If I can help it I won’t paint our door ever again, but I enjoy seeing that bright yellow door everyday.

To help get everyone in the groove of this time of year, I made some free floral iPhone backgrounds! Help yourself:






Magical iPhone Background Freebies



Hello all! I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving filled with plenty of fun, food, friends and family.

To celebrate the recent release of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’, I wanted to make a quick update with some inspired phone backgrounds – nothing fancy, but a great way to show your wizarding pride! I have not been able to go see the film yet, so please don’t tell me any spoilers, but I can’t wait to go eat some popcorn and see some of my favorite actors.

You can find them here, or by going to my freebie page.