Customer Service Online

I have spent most of my working years geared towards customer service. It’s important to have great customer service – it’s what keeps your business alive! Without great service, your customers have no reason to come back to you…and usually they will go to the next place that makes them feel better.

I don’t know about you, but I never want to drive a customer away. I have put together some tips for you here that you can use for your online services. Having customers online is already more difficult than having customers in-person. You have to go the extra mile to make up for your lack of body language and tone. Let’s get started:

Customer Service

  • Name- Drop.   Not in the normal sense, but you need to make sure that you use your customer’s name in your correspondence with them. Start every email or message with their name. When you are helping a customer online, they need to know that it is personal. A good rule of thumb in person is to use their name 3 times – when you are online, you should use it every time. They will have a personalized message and it creates a relationship between buyer and seller.


  • Thank You. A simple thank you goes a long way! After a customer purchases from you, send them a personal thank you. This can be just a quick e-mail or even a note in the mail (ambitious if you have lots of sales). Personally, I like to send a quick email along with my automatic thank you generated from Etsy. My email contains a graphic header that goes with my Etsy shop theme, the thanks, and usually general instructions or advice for my products along with a reminder that my customers can always reach out to me.


  • Problem Solve. If a customer is inquiring about a product that you do not have or are unable to make for them – offer a similar suggestion. This will show them that you would still like their business. It also helps to ask your customer why they want that particular item or service. Sometimes, the best option for them is an alternative anyway! If you do not have something similar to offer that they would like, see if you can suggest another trusted seller for that product. This is a great way to build up some networking (see if you can message that seller directly and let them know) that may return the favor.


  • Think. This sounds very simple, but for some it can be difficult to focus on the way they are coming across to their customers. Everyone has their own version of walking in to a store where they received the worst service (I’m sure you are thinking of that right now!). You never want to be the person that causes that type of experience for your customer. Re-read what you are sending or typing to them. Read it out loud. Have you addressed their questions? Have you offered a solution? What can you do to make them happy?


Ultimately, that is what customer service means to me. Making my customers happy and making them come back to me.

Do you have any customer service tips that work for you? Do you have any tips that you would like to give others that you wish had happened to you? Comment below!




Happy Days


Photography by our great friend Adam

It’s official – We are married!

This past week has been a great blessing to us – spending time together and with friends.

If our wedding and week after is an example of the rest of our lives, I know that we shall be happy.

With all the planning and decorating and such over, I now have more time to create for my own pleasure. I just added a new watercolor piece to the watercolor gallery.

Tonight I am working on some new ATC cards, and those should be up within the week.

Stay tuned!



DIY Details

With only 3 days left and one glue gun down, we are pretty much ready for our wedding on Saturday!

This evening I wanted to share a basic DIY that we are using: wedding programs. I chose to make ours in the style of a fan, so that our guests can use them if it is too hot or humid. I also chose to make the back of our programs fun by adding a word search game and some trivia about us – there are always those boring moments before the ceremony begins! The supplies needed are very basic, and there are only a few different steps.


Supplies Used:

Cardstock ( 2 packs, at $5 per pack) – $10

Black Ink For Printer (I bought mine at Walmart) – $16

“Curvy Craft Sticks” (from Amazon, pack of 200) – $7

Graphic Design – Free (me)

Glue Gun – $3

Glue Sticks for Glue Gun – $6


  1. First I designed the front of the fans, making sure to include basic ceremony information, a thank you, and the names of those in our wedding party. *Side note: I accidentally used one of my bridesmaids maiden name, and didn’t catch it until around #80. My tip is to have someone double check your wording and spelling within the first five! I decided to just roll with it (and checked with her as well).*
  2. Design the back! As stated above, I wanted to make it fun and give our guests something to do while they sit around awkwardly. You can google “free word search maker” and you will get plenty of options where you can make your own and save them as an image file.
  3. Test your printing on a regular sized paper before using your cardstock. I printed mine on regular sized letter paper at 20% and printed them 10 at a time. Printing them 10 at a time let me take some much needed breaks, and it was easy to keep track of how many I was making.
  4. Center your images and cut into a square. My finished squares ended up being about 5 1/2 inches by maybe 7 inches.
  5. At this point you can choose to round your edges with an edge trimmer or use them as is. Both are great options – I chose to round mine to make it look more finished and professional.
  6. Take your handy curved craft sticks and your glue gun. Ready, aim, go! I only had one pack of glue sticks so I had to run to our local Dollar General to get a few packs. The next day my glue gun gave out on me, so I made another trip there to get a new one. I first glued the craft stick to the front page (face down), then the back, and for the last step I ran some glue along the left and right sides.
  7. You are done!

This project was fairly easy, but I definitely took my time finishing. The cutting out of the images were the worst part for me (even with a paper trimmer) and when my glue gun stopped working. I finished the whole project over the course of 3 evenings and ended with a total of 100 programs. Also, I ordered some mini golf pencils from Amazon to pass out with the programs for the word searches.

I hope our guests enjoy them!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.