Decor On A Budget | DIY

I am always looking at decorating ideas on Pinterest (find me here ), and I’ve been trying to find some options that are budget-friendly, and versatile. We have a spare room that has many purposes such as a guest room, craft room, storage and we hope a nursery within the next few years. With so many different purposes, I need decor that can be easily moved or taken down, and decor that does not put a hole in my pocket.



We actually had a lot of left over wedding supplies, and they have just been sitting in Chris’s office for the past few months. This past week, I found some really cute uses for wood slices – which is perfect, as we had about 30!

First, I lightly sanded our wood slices. I did not care to make them smooth as long as I was not going to get a splinter while painting. I have painted just a few little scenes on our wood slices, and then I covered them in a gloss to protect them and prevent any further splintering/chipping.

Take a look!


These are barely larger than the size of my hand outstretched and my plan is to get some picture hanging tools to attach to the back. They are also fairly lightweight, and should be able to be hung with nothing more than a thumbtack.

So there you have it! These were essentially free to create as I already had the paint, gloss and wood slices. For those that do not have these supplies, I have seen wood slices at craft stores (such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels) for less than $5.00 a piece. Acrylic paint can be found at Walmart for less than $1.00.

Have you been able to find any cheap decorations for your walls? Let me know below!



Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Everyone that knows me is fully aware that I love puns. I use them at work, I send them to Chris during the day, and the worse the pun is, the harder I laugh.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a quick new freebie for everyone today. Grab this free print here, or under the Digital Prints section of the blog.

This is perfect for your kitchen or bedroom!


Hope everyone’s Tuesday is filled with cheese and tacos (don’t forget the queso)!


Happy Days


Photography by our great friend Adam

It’s official – We are married!

This past week has been a great blessing to us – spending time together and with friends.

If our wedding and week after is an example of the rest of our lives, I know that we shall be happy.

With all the planning and decorating and such over, I now have more time to create for my own pleasure. I just added a new watercolor piece to the watercolor gallery.

Tonight I am working on some new ATC cards, and those should be up within the week.

Stay tuned!



Small Business Saturday

Today is a great day to celebrate local and small businesses! Be sure to check out your local businesses in your town and show them some love.

If you visit my etsy shop, you can also receive a discount until November 30th. Use the code: small2015



Update: 2015

I have now added another gallery to my Art section. You can find the new gallery here. This new gallery includes ATC’s that I make. ATC stand for Artist Trading Card. These are generally small pieces of art (2.5″ by 3.5″) – and can be made using any medium. I have recently started to use mostly watercolors for my cards, while I do sometimes still use decorative paper.

For those that want to start making their own ATC’s – I suggest joining a forum or website that allow you to create based off of themes and then share them with others. Basically you mail an assigned partner your creation (that’s why I always try and take a picture of mine) and you receive someone else’s work. So much fun!

Personally, I am a member of Swap-Bot. It is a free website to join and is very easy to navigate and there are so many crafters and artists on this website!