Grilled Brats Summer Recipe

Grilled Brats

When the sun is out and the nights are cool, it’s time for grilling! We love to grill and it just makes the meal feel a little special. It reminds me of camping and nights spent on the porch.

This weekend we tackled our jungle grass and planted some sunflowers. This recipe is the perfect treat after a hard working day and we gobbled it right up.

Chris is the grill master, and was very helpful in explaining all the steps and making sure this recipe is something that anyone can make! He did say that in order to get the full flavor he recommend using the brands he got (the Johnsonville Brats, the Miller Lite, and not just one color of peppers).

I’ve also included a printable version of the recipe, so please let me know if you have any trouble or questions!


All of our ingredients

Printable Version (click here)


2 packs of Johnsonville Brat sausages Original flavor

2 packs of hot dog buns

1 bottle of Sweet Baby Rays Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce (we have a 28 oz bottle here, but you only need maybe 1/3 cup total of the sauce)

6 peppers (variety of yellow, red and green)

1 yellow onion

4 cans of Miller Light (or 2 large cans)

1 aluminum lasagna pan

Prep time: 15 mins

Total time: approx. 1 hr


  1. Cut your peppers long-ways (slice).


    This is only 3 peppers sliced

  2. Cut your onion long-ways (slice).


    The onion

  3. Lay brats in the pan, with no overlapping, but they can touch.


    Layed the brats flat first and then 3 peppers worth down

  4. Top with all the peppers and onion.


    Topped with remaining peppers and onion

  5. Then, pour the beer over the brats and veggies.
  6. Let the brats & veggies soak for 10 mins in the beer.
  7. Heat grill to 300 – 350 degrees Fahrenheit while soaking.
  8. P lace pan on grill & bring pan to a boil (approx 10 -15 mins, and you can adjust heat higher if needed).


    Lay the pan on the grill rack, come to a boil

  9. Boil for an additional 10 mins.
  10. Take brats out of the pan and place on grill directly. Grill the brats for about 10 mins. Grill at 300 degrees. Also, feel free to oil or use spray to help keep brats and veggies from sticking the grill.


    My pictures got worse as it got darker, but here the brats are out of the pan and the veggies are steaming on the top rack

  11. Also take the vegetables out of the pan and place on a grilling rack/sheet in order to steam on the grill while brats are cooking.
  12. At this point you are done with the beer but keep the aluminum pan so that you can transport your finished brats and veggies back inside/to your plates.
  13. In last 5 minutes of grilling, caramelize the brats with the bbq sauce (spread bbq sauce over brats with a brush) on all sides. Rotate 2-3 times within those 5 minutes. Chris turns the grill off during these last 5 minutes as well (the brats are still caramelizing in this stage).


    This shows one coat of the BBQ sauce

  14. The veggies are ready when you are done with the brats (you don’t have to touch them at all while brats are cooking).
  15. Serve brats on the hot dog buns with veggies on top. Feel free to use any additional condiments (Chris loves mustard!)

Ready to eat!

Optional but highly recommended: Enjoying a Blue Moon or two & listening to Foster The People throughout the process




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