Baking Up A Storm


This year I set a goal for myself to draw more and be outside more – however, for some reason I’ve been baking more than either of those things! Not that I mind…

I have always loved to bake, as I used to make cupcakes to bring to school for my friends. I always enjoyed it as I was able to bake with my grandmother, who I thought was just the best baker in the world and that she could make anything! I would request so many different styles of birthday cakes, it’s amazing that she was able to do it (for example I requested a rainbow cake, Jack Skellington, a Harry Potter Snitch and much more).

I feel that by baking and trying to do my best with my cakes, I am in a way hopefully doing something that she would be proud of! Most recently I had the pleasure of testing some of my skills with a birthday cake for a coworker’s daughter. She was having a “cat” themed party and I love a challenge! See below for some pictures of my process.



The inside of the cake is rainbow colored layers and I use a icing recipe from my grandmother that I love. I made some matching cupcakes with little DIY toppers that feature a silver backing.  I’ll be sure to share it soon!

I don’t have any clear goals yet with my baking, but I love making people happy and maybe one day I’ll be able to do this as a side job.

After doing this cake, I decided my baking would be a great addition to the blog so I have also added a new page. My Baking page has a gallery of some of my recent endeavors, but you can also follow me on Instagram for more!

Ps: What do you think about my new blog header? Hoping to make a few more things match – stay tuned!




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