Frugal Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day


With close to 2 weeks left before Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with you some ways to celebrate your loved one (while staying on a budget).

I typically view Valentine’s Day as just another commercialized holiday – designed specifically for profit. However, I’ll take it! It’s a great way to show your loved ones that you care (especially if you are lacking in the PDA department). Just because the stores are loaded with giant stuffed animals and overpriced flowers does not mean that you have to be subject to their price tags. I’ve gathered 20 options that allow you & your wallet to breathe a little easier this Valentine’s Day.

For those of you that ere more on the creative side, Pinterest is an invaluable opportunity for Valentine’s DIY. This is my go-to for gifts and recipes and I highly recommend checking there as well.

  • Make a heart-shaped cake
  • Buy a box of chocolate and share it together (try this blind folded and it’s a game of flavors!)
  • Instead of a reservation, cook dinner together
  • Make a playlist of songs that remind you of each other
  • Do all the chores for them (take out the trash, wash all the dishes and make the place smell good)
  • Enjoy a nice cheat meal together if you are dieting
  • Learn a dance via YouTube
  • Go for an easy hike and eat a small picnic at the end/halfway mark (find a waterfall to make it extra special!)
  • Revisit your first date (if it was a movie, play that movie at home now)
  • Go to a BYOB paint class together (these average about $30 a person, so this can be pricey depending on where you go)
  • For those with kids, see if you can enlist a family member for free babysitting and enjoy the night to yourselves
  • Enjoy some home-brewed coffee while watching the sunrise – the early wake up will be worth it!
  • Get some candles from your local dollar store and create a cheap, romantic atmosphere (But not a fire hazard! I.E. Michael Scott when he proposes to Holly)
  • Make your own card this year
  • Go pick your own flowers for a bouquet
  • Go to Goodwill or another thrift store together and buy each other a surprise – see who can find the best gift (set a limit beforehand)
  • Play a board game or any type of game together – get competitive! (card games are a favorite of ours)
  • Indulge in a dollar menu date (sometimes all you want are some fries and this date is perfect for your wallet, just forget about your diet for a night)
  • Dream up ideas for your home or garden during a dinner or lunch alone – spring fever is on it’s way and it’s always fun to dream together. Write them down to make it official
  • Take a ride on local transportation – sight-seeing and people watching are sure to bring some interesting experiences to share together

Now that  you have 20 cheap ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to decorate! I’ve got a new freebie printable this year for you. Download below, or find this on my freebie page. Of course I had to make it in my favorite color (because it’s good to love yourself too)!


Much Love,





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