The Worst Christmas Gifts

Worst Gifts Cover

Although not funny at the time, there’s probably a gift or two that you have received that just was not your style. Or preference. Or even close to anything you’d ever want. There are some classically bad gifts – a sweater picked out by grandma that looks like it’s from the 80’s (and not in a good way), snacks that are gross, clothes that are too small, etc..

I asked several family members and coworkers what was the worst gift they had ever received. The great news is that no one could come up with one. However, they did go on to tell me about their best gifts received. I got many responses around gift cards, tickets, clothes from their favorite brands and such. To me, this shows there is help for those of us who struggle with gift-giving. Also, I think it proves that the spirit of the gift giving is what really matters. But, of course I know that you don’t want to actually give a gift that no one wants (unless it’s a joke).

How can you avoid giving a “worst gift”? I believe that simply getting to know a few essentials about someone will help you avoid this. For example, finding out their favorite candy, their favorite colors, scents, movies, music, and any hobbies will give you some basics to work with. I also believe that finding out what people don’t like almost helps even more (you don’t want to give someone a vanilla bean candle if they hate sweet smells). Searching for some gift guides online will give you some great ideas that can be listed by budget. Pinterest search gift guides and you will have so many options that you won’t even know where to start. To help with this, I’ve found an all-inclusive one here for you: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. I hope to create a last-minute one for all of you out there that are still searching! Stay tuned for that…

For my coworkers, I always try to get information from them well before their birthday or holidays. I don’t even try to work it into conversations, I just straight up ask them. This gives me a clear idea of what they like and most of time people love talking about these things – not to mention it can be a good way to find out common interests and start a great working relationship!

For family members, I find that asking significant others and other family members tends to help keep everything a bit more “secret” if you wish.

What do you do when you receive a gift that you don’t like? I’ve always been taught that you always respectfully and enthusiastically accept a gift no matter what. If you do not like the gift, already have something just like it or anything else…it does not matter. This is a great lesson to both children and adults.

Granted, it’s all the thought and care that counts. Even if you did not appreciate the gift itself, appreciating that you were thought of and were on the giver’s mind makes every gift the best one.

What’s the worst gift you have ever received? What’s the best?

Happy Holidays!




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