Christmas Movie List

Christmasmovies Cover

We watch a crazy amount of movies. Seriously – we watch at least 5 movies a week. It’s worse even more during the Holidays because we both have so many favorites that put us in the seasonal mood. And we love it!

To help us plan out our nights a little better, we’ve started printing a free, blank calendar at the beginning of the month and filling it in with what movie we want to watch on what day. This takes the guessing game out of the equation and allows us to spend more time cooking, enjoying ourselves and the movie rather than spending 30 minutes trying to pick one out. I recommend this calendar (click to open in a new window) as it is simple, easy to get, and free.

To give you some ideas of your own, I’ve created our list of Christmas/Wintery themed movies that we will be watching all through December. Keep in mind some of these may not be explicitly Christmas or Holiday themed, but they are ones we love and enjoy during this time of year.


We hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays!



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