Fall Feels

Fall Bucket List

Almost every season, I have a bucket list of things I want to do with Chris. This year we actually sat down together and thought of all the things we wanted to accomplish. We made this list maybe a month or so in advance and we have had to make do with what time we have but I thought it would be fun to share!

  • SkyTop Orchard – This is a beautiful orchard that we’ve been wanting to visit for the past couple of years. Recommended by a friend, they make their own apple cider donuts and I am dying to try one!
  • Pumpkin Spice Date – Who doesn’t love a good PSL? Last year, Chris wanted one every day…that was a little much. But sipping one in an actual coffee shop just seems so much more authentically basic fall.
  • Put Up Decorations – It’s no secret I love to decorate (even our bathrooms!). The great thing I think I have actually dragged Chris into this habit too.
  • Highlands – Easily one of my favorite places. I want to live here, I want to work here, I want to retire here. We’ll see! Truly, it is a great drive up the mountains viewing the changing colors and the town is equally amazing. We love to walk around, get pizza and sight see here.
  • Make A Real Apple Pie – Yum! Cutting up the apples and putting forth the extra efforts just makes it taste even better.
  • Carve Pumpkins – We used to bust out the pumpkins early on, but we have learned that we need to wait closer to Halloween to make sure our designs are top-night for the night. Chris likes to keep his idea a secret.
  • Fall Bonfire – Cozying up and enjoying the embers at night is a great way to spend time with friends.
  • Paint Night – We both love to paint and pieces that can double as seasonal decorations are a win-win.
  • Fall Hike – This summer we hiked more together than we ever had and I loved every minute of it. We have our fall hike planned with friends this upcoming weekend!
  • Camping – I’m not going to lie, this one may not happen. We love to camp, but it’s hard to get our schedules aligned to where we have several days off.
  • Twilight Marathon – Stay with me here. I’m a die-hard Potter fan, but I married into Team Jacob. All judgement aside, I absolutely love the soundtracks and nothing puts  me in the fall mood like the Twilight soundtracks, so it’s worth it.
  • Friendsgiving – We’ve never held one of these and I’ve recently sworn off of family parties so this one may be a stretch as well. However, the idea is great! Potlucks are one of my favorite ways to host and I always enjoy seeing friends.
  • Apple Cider – I love it hot and Chris loves it cold.
  • A Night On The Porch – Perks of being a homeowner, my porch is my favorite place to be. I love to decorate it and love to sit outside listening to the insects, the birds and even the passing cars. Give me a warm mug and I’ll be set.

I hope this give you some great ideas of your own – even some date ideas! Stay tuned for some fall prints and updates to the Etsy shop as well. Here is an image with these ideas in case you want to share:



Until next time,



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