Self Love


This month, many are focusing on what to give to their loved ones as a token of affection – wether you are single or in a relationship there’s always time to share the love! I’m a big purporter of self-love as well; take yourself out on date, enjoy some amazing food and pamper yourself.

Even with it sounding cliche, treating yourself and taking the time to show yourself some care is well worth it’s weight in gold. Not to mention, you’ll be amazed that others will take notice and it can honestly change your relationships with others. When you show that you care for yourself and value yourself, others will see that shining from within and their attitudes will reflect what your project.

So this Valentines,  take some time for yourself even if you have a significant other and enjoy the amazing person you are!

Here are the ways that I show myself some love:

  • Bubble bath (complete with Netflix & smelly good bubbles)
  • Painting my nails
  • Sleep in once a week
  • Exercise 4-5 times a week (even if it’s only 20 minutes!)
  • Treating myself to something sweet (I love a good piece of chocolate)
  • Watching a show that only I want to watch
  • Spending some time dreaming up business ideas and not worry about them
  • Organizing (be it my email, my craft room, social media..putting anything in order works)
  • Try a new makeup look, or take more time than normal getting ready (when my hair is looking cute, I feel so much better about myself, regardless of if I’m leaving the house or not)
  • Going to the park
  • Take a drive on a scenic route and enjoy the view
  • Actually enjoy that first cup of coffee

Hope that gives you some great ideas to get yourself started. Just for some good measure, I’ve got a cute, simple printable for you as a reminder. Use its Valentine’s decor, a phone background or anything in between:


Until next time,



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