DIY for Days

We are making some progress here at home! 

I knew trying to make a lot of our decorations would get time consuming, but it’s not real until you have to cut 160 invitations and put them together. 

The crazy part is that I still have so many ideas that I want to try. We only have about 2 months left, so I am running out of time. 

My craft room has officially become the wedding decor headquarters- it now has a huge fold-out table in it that is covered with flowers, invites and plenty of hot glue. 

One of my friends recently tagged me in this photo and it is ringing true right now:

(You can order this print here)

Just for fun, here is pumpkin helping me with envelopes doing the stink-eye.


Need some help?

Nothing like a furry friend to make the time go by.

Until next time.




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