Gifts For Coworkers

I am back! After a brief hiatus, the gift guide is commencing. Today’s post features some gift ideas for the people that you probably spend most of your time with. Let’s make work fun!

Each link opens in a new window to the Etsy page where you can purchase the items shown.


1.) Motivational Pens: It won’t be easy for someone to steal these pens from their desk. Bright colors and motivational sayings will put a smile on their face.

2.) Quote Book: This is an idea that I have actually seen at work. This book can be seen as a source of laughs on those slow days – those moments you would you could recall, all in one place!

3.) Desk Canvas: Mini canvas paintings are purrfect for adding a touch of creativity to a small space.

4.) Custom Desk Set: Help your coworker personalize their space, and keep them comfortable.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the work available from these Etsy sellers.

Thank you,



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