Gifts For The Little Ones

Some of these are more geared towards benefitting the parents, but just imagine your little one with these wonderful gifts – too cute!

Each link opens in a new window to the Etsy page where you can purchase the items shown.


1.) Mama Bear: For some reason, I love this pair of Mama Bear/Baby Bear. I do wish the onesie said “Man Cub” but it is still endearing.

2.) Soft Necklace: These are great necklaces for when you have a small one who is prone to grabbing anything in sight. It is safe for them to grab, and safe for them to chew on. It doesn’t hurt that it is super stylish either – feel free to wear this even without a little one!

3.) Handmade Swing: Check out that swing! It has all my favorites: wood, modern lines, and teal! This would be perfect for any home and it provides some entertainment and time without the little one in your arms – got enough time to paint your nails? Maybe..

4.) Mountains: Similar to those classic stacking rings, this piece is handmade and offers hand-eye-coordination building. Personally, I think this looks better than those plastic rings; it could pass off as a part of your home decor.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the work available from these Etsy sellers.

Tomorrow’s gift guide will be: Gifts for Coworkers

Thank you!



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