July 4th


I hope everyone is having a safe and fun 4th of July today! I’m keeping it short to enjoy some yummy ribs and typical southern food this evening along with a local fireworks show (rain permitting).

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Yard Sales: How To Make It Worth Your Time

How To Make It Worth It_.png


The thrill of the chase, the cups of early morning coffee, the haggling…there is nothing quite like hosting or visiting a local yard sale. Not only is this a favorite pastime of my own, but it’s also a great way to get some quick cash and free up some living space.

I used to want to have a yard sale every day when I was a little kid, before I understood the basic rule of the weekend. I would run through the house looking for knick knacks and anything my grandmother would let me put a price tag on. I would pull out these old, rickety tables from a shed in the backyard all by myself and put some sheets over them to look like a table cloth. I would get about $20 in change from my grandpa and sit out at those tables all day – probably only selling anything because I was a 12 year old girl that visitors took pity on.

But I had so much fun and still love to host yard sales! Every time I ask my husband about having one though, I can see him groan a little inside. It is a lot of work, and as we have grown older it has become even more important for us to make it worth the Saturday mornings we give up.

To help make it a little easier on ourselves we’ve developed some great strategies to maximize our time and try to make a little more money – and I am sharing this today! Be sure to check out the end of the post to download some free printables to use at your next sale.

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I’ve got some serious spring fever over here! Spring is probably my favorite season (even though Fall will always melt my heart) – flowers everywhere, little leaves popping up, and being able to enjoy the sunshine is just amazing.

This year I changed our porch colors to Blue, Yellow & Green and I love the way it pops. If I can help it I won’t paint our door ever again, but I enjoy seeing that bright yellow door everyday.

To help get everyone in the groove of this time of year, I made some free floral iPhone backgrounds! Help yourself:





Self Love


This month, many are focusing on what to give to their loved ones as a token of affection – wether you are single or in a relationship there’s always time to share the love! I’m a big purporter of self-love as well; take yourself out on date, enjoy some amazing food and pamper yourself.

Even with it sounding cliche, treating yourself and taking the time to show yourself some care is well worth it’s weight in gold. Not to mention, you’ll be amazed that others will take notice and it can honestly change your relationships with others. When you show that you care for yourself and value yourself, others will see that shining from within and their attitudes will reflect what your project.

So this Valentines,  take some time for yourself even if you have a significant other and enjoy the amazing person you are!

Here are the ways that I show myself some love:

  • Bubble bath (complete with Netflix & smelly good bubbles)
  • Painting my nails
  • Sleep in once a week
  • Exercise 4-5 times a week (even if it’s only 20 minutes!)
  • Treating myself to something sweet (I love a good piece of chocolate)
  • Watching a show that only I want to watch
  • Spending some time dreaming up business ideas and not worry about them
  • Organizing (be it my email, my craft room, social media..putting anything in order works)
  • Try a new makeup look, or take more time than normal getting ready (when my hair is looking cute, I feel so much better about myself, regardless of if I’m leaving the house or not)
  • Going to the park
  • Take a drive on a scenic route and enjoy the view
  • Actually enjoy that first cup of coffee

Hope that gives you some great ideas to get yourself started. Just for some good measure, I’ve got a cute, simple printable for you as a reminder. Use its Valentine’s decor, a phone background or anything in between:


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Freebie Christmas Print

It’s the holiday season – and one of the best times of the year. I won’t lie, we’ve had our holiday decorations up since November 6th…but it always feel more magical once December rolls around.

We just love the way our home looks full of garland, glowing lights and pine scents wafting around. Our home feels so cozy and it’s so fun to get our family and friends together during this time.

I’ve always been a fan of the traditional holiday colors such as red, green and gold…but recently I saw some amazing decorations that included navy and I fell in love. Inspired by these colors, I made a quick print that is a little more modern than my own decor, but it will look so chic in a gold or white frame! You can get it here, or on my freebies page.


Please feel free to print this and hang it up around your home, but if you share it online, link back to myself for credit.

I hope you are having a great start to your holiday and enjoy!



Magical iPhone Background Freebies



Hello all! I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving filled with plenty of fun, food, friends and family.

To celebrate the recent release of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’, I wanted to make a quick update with some inspired phone backgrounds – nothing fancy, but a great way to show your wizarding pride! I have not been able to go see the film yet, so please don’t tell me any spoilers, but I can’t wait to go eat some popcorn and see some of my favorite actors.

You can find them here, or by going to my freebie page.




The Best, Easiest Summer Dessert

I love to entertain! A few Sundays ago we had some of our friends over, and I wanted to make sure our dinner was delicious (and not too expensive). Naturally, I turned to Pinterest to see what I could find..and I hit the jackpot.

Along with a scrumptious salmon recipe that will change the way I eat salmon, I found an amazing dessert that didn’t break the bank and left our friends wanting more. Really, I should have made 3 of these.

Introducing my new go-to dessert: Blueberry Peach Tart


To read the original recipe please visit Baker By Nature.

I did one thing different than the recipe and that was not peeling the peaches. I didn’t read that part so it was an accident – but it turned out great! The glaze is also to-die-for (and I have never made a glaze before).


My price for the tart is as follows (everything is rounded to the nearest dollar):

2 peaches – $4

1 contained of blueberries – $4

1 box of pastry sheets (2/box) – $4

Total: $16

This recipes calls for much more such as powdered sugar, vanilla, heavy cream, etc..however I already had the others items on hand so I do not include those in my pricing. Everything was about 3.25-3.75 respectively, with the peaches being the most expensive. If I had known, I would probably have planned that better by watching some store ads to get those cheaper.


After the tart was made, we continued to nibble on the blueberries for a while making those well worth it. Packed them in our lunches and they were a great side item.

Enjoy, and make some summer memories for it’s time for Fall!



Customer Service Online

I have spent most of my working years geared towards customer service. It’s important to have great customer service – it’s what keeps your business alive! Without great service, your customers have no reason to come back to you…and usually they will go to the next place that makes them feel better.

I don’t know about you, but I never want to drive a customer away. I have put together some tips for you here that you can use for your online services. Having customers online is already more difficult than having customers in-person. You have to go the extra mile to make up for your lack of body language and tone. Let’s get started:

Customer Service

  • Name- Drop.   Not in the normal sense, but you need to make sure that you use your customer’s name in your correspondence with them. Start every email or message with their name. When you are helping a customer online, they need to know that it is personal. A good rule of thumb in person is to use their name 3 times – when you are online, you should use it every time. They will have a personalized message and it creates a relationship between buyer and seller.


  • Thank You. A simple thank you goes a long way! After a customer purchases from you, send them a personal thank you. This can be just a quick e-mail or even a note in the mail (ambitious if you have lots of sales). Personally, I like to send a quick email along with my automatic thank you generated from Etsy. My email contains a graphic header that goes with my Etsy shop theme, the thanks, and usually general instructions or advice for my products along with a reminder that my customers can always reach out to me.


  • Problem Solve. If a customer is inquiring about a product that you do not have or are unable to make for them – offer a similar suggestion. This will show them that you would still like their business. It also helps to ask your customer why they want that particular item or service. Sometimes, the best option for them is an alternative anyway! If you do not have something similar to offer that they would like, see if you can suggest another trusted seller for that product. This is a great way to build up some networking (see if you can message that seller directly and let them know) that may return the favor.


  • Think. This sounds very simple, but for some it can be difficult to focus on the way they are coming across to their customers. Everyone has their own version of walking in to a store where they received the worst service (I’m sure you are thinking of that right now!). You never want to be the person that causes that type of experience for your customer. Re-read what you are sending or typing to them. Read it out loud. Have you addressed their questions? Have you offered a solution? What can you do to make them happy?


Ultimately, that is what customer service means to me. Making my customers happy and making them come back to me.

Do you have any customer service tips that work for you? Do you have any tips that you would like to give others that you wish had happened to you? Comment below!



Decor On A Budget | DIY

I am always looking at decorating ideas on Pinterest (find me here ), and I’ve been trying to find some options that are budget-friendly, and versatile. We have a spare room that has many purposes such as a guest room, craft room, storage and we hope a nursery within the next few years. With so many different purposes, I need decor that can be easily moved or taken down, and decor that does not put a hole in my pocket.



We actually had a lot of left over wedding supplies, and they have just been sitting in Chris’s office for the past few months. This past week, I found some really cute uses for wood slices – which is perfect, as we had about 30!

First, I lightly sanded our wood slices. I did not care to make them smooth as long as I was not going to get a splinter while painting. I have painted just a few little scenes on our wood slices, and then I covered them in a gloss to protect them and prevent any further splintering/chipping.

Take a look!


These are barely larger than the size of my hand outstretched and my plan is to get some picture hanging tools to attach to the back. They are also fairly lightweight, and should be able to be hung with nothing more than a thumbtack.

So there you have it! These were essentially free to create as I already had the paint, gloss and wood slices. For those that do not have these supplies, I have seen wood slices at craft stores (such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels) for less than $5.00 a piece. Acrylic paint can be found at Walmart for less than $1.00.

Have you been able to find any cheap decorations for your walls? Let me know below!